• Sheet Metal Work

    We have been able to satisfy our customers in producing one-offs, first-offs and proto-types as well as small to large batches of a wide variety of sheet metal and fabricated components up to 1 tonne

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  • Fabrications

    All items can be manufactured to your own drawings and / or instructions and sitework can be undertaken if required.

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  • Specialist Machinery

    We also offer painting and assembly facilities for the complete manufacture of finished machines to individual requirements

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    EB Hayward & Co are now fully CE registered

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  • EB Hayward Capability and Capacity


    Sheet metal work and fabrications in mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, titanium, brass and copper, including; 

    • Bins, hoppers and supporting steelwork.
    • Industrial and ornamental staircases and walkways, gates, fencing etc.
    • Architectural metalwork.
    • Material handling equipment, i.e. chutes, slides, diverters etc.
    • Specialist machinery manufacture, i.e. flour milling equipment


    All types of metal work consistent with the following machinery; 

    • Guillotines up to 3,000 x 10mm. in mild steel.
    • Brake press 155 ton x 3500 blade length.
    • Rolls up to 2,500 x 5 mm. in mild steel.
    • M.M.A. welding up to 650 amps.
    • M.I.G. (M.A.G.S.) welding up to 450 amps with the latest Kemppi FastMig Pulse 450 machines
    • T.I.G. (T.A.G.S.) welding up to 375 amps.
    • Spot welding up to 15 K.V.A.
    • Stud welding up to M12.
    • Oxy-acetylene welding and cutting.
    • High Deffinition CNC Plasma cutting up to 38mm in mild steel & 25mm in stainless steel and aluminium
    • Polishing machinery.
    • Pullmax universal sheet/plate working machine. 

    Plus a comprehensive range of sheet metal working equipment.